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Overhaul Kits
When its time to refresh your OS Giken clutch, we recommend replacing all the frictional surfaces so that the clutch assembly can function to its fullest ability. For this reason, overhaul kits are available for all OS Giken clutch and flywheel packages. Overhaul Kit A: Includes all clutch disks, all center plates, pressure plate, and clutch cover bolts Overhaul Kit B: Includes all clutch disks, all center plates, pressure plate, clutch cover, and clutch cover bolts

Center Alignment Tool
OS Giken clutches are made to a very tight tolerance, and to prevent misalignment we offer a forged billet center alignment tool that eliminates the slack found in common plastic center alignment tools. Especially for multi-plate clutches and high-horsepower engines, a misaligned clutch can lead to erratic clutch behavior and premature wear.

Adjustable Fork Kit
By utilizing a return spring, the Adjustable Fork Kit is designed to forcibly return the release fork to its neutral position. The supplied adjustable push rod allows adjustment of the return position. Ideally suited for race vehicles that require quick clutch pedal movement, such as drag racing or drifting.

Movement Alteration Kit
OS Giken supplies a Movement Alteration Kit to allow the use of a push-type clutch on vehicles that are factory equipped with pull-type clutch systems. Please note that the OS Giken Movement Alteration Kit is designed to work with OS Giken clutches, and installation to unintended applications may result in failure of clutch components.